Facts about Psychotherapy & Psychodynamic Therapy

Facts about Psychotherapy & Psychodynamic Therapy

There are so many misconceptions about psychotherapy and counselling.

Some say it is only for crazy people. Others would say it is only for weak people.

Such thinking is also the reason why so many people are hesitant to undergo psychological intervention despite the severe conditions.

Here are some critical facts that will enlighten you as to what psychotherapy is.

Psychotherapy Is Good For Everyone

You have so many reasons to consult a psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is not exclusive in treating mental disorders. It covers a wide range of service. You can consult a psychotherapist if you feel blue and feel like you need a companion. Talking to a therapist is a good thing when you are trying to cope with the loss of job, broken friendship and grieving for someone’s death. You can also seek psychotherapy if you need guidance in life in terms of decision-making or addressing personal issues in social relationships.

Psychotherapy Is A Process Of Knowing More About Your Self.

Psychotherapists are experts in talk therapy. They know what particular approach is suited for your case. You need to trust them to share your thoughts or problems comfortably. Psychotherapy can help relieve symptoms of mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress. It is your best support system next to your friends and family who are looking forward to your healing. With psychotherapy, you will see some positive improvements and get to know yourself better.

Psychotherapy Is An Interactive Session

It is more than just a sharing-listening session. It gives you the chance to talk about anything you want and release all the negative emotions and tensions in you. The therapist will conduct background interviews to assess your condition further. In that way, they will be able to have ar an accurate approach to your case.

Your therapist will also give you some activities that you have to do.

Psychotherapy Is a Process

It can take days, weeks, months or years for psychotherapy to take effect. The duration of your psychotherapy session depends on the development of your condition.

Psychotherapy Is Confidential

At first, you might be hesitant to share your problem to a therapist whom you haven’t met before. Psychotherapists are bounded with rules of confidentiality. They will never disclose your information to anyone.

What Psychodynamic Therapy Is

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on a person’s engagement in his / her external world.  It is based on the psychoanalysis principles, but less focused on the therapist-client relationship. This is a short term therapy that depends on the patient’s progress.

How Psychodynamic Therapy Works

Psychodynamic therapy aims to understand the connection between previous life experiences in the way a person behaves at present and trying to figure out the underlying reasons for his problem. This type of therapy aims to recognise, understand, acknowledge and express to develop the interpersonal connection and attachment of a person.

Psychodynamic therapy is used in treating depression and anxiety. It is also primarily used in helping people with chronic social problems. The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to help you develop self-esteem and achieve a long-lasting relationship with others. It will also help you realise and understand the social difficulties that you may be experiencing through reflecting and analysing your situations.

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