6 Ways to Make your Guitar Practice Routine Effective and Inspiring

November 8, 2019

It’s not uncommon for guitar learners to feel frustrated with scale patterns that get them running up and down the strings but nothing seems to really work. Whatever comes out doesn’t sound like anything close to a musical idea. No one wants to put up with dull and lifeless exercises that don’t get them anywhere. 

As a guitar student, you want to learn and practice more and feel a sense of accomplishment since you’re progressing faster. This sense of accomplishment is what gives you the inspiration to continue even as you become a better guitar player. Here’s how you can turn your guitar practice session around. 

Define your Goals

Playing around on your guitar won’t get you results. Practicing is all about working towards a specific goal. You can’t just jump from one thing to another in a spur of the moment doing things you already know. How about you clearly define a goal you want to achieve within a week before you get started with your practice session. Don’t just goof around aimlessly on your guitar. Be clear on where you’re heading and what you want to achieve before hitting the fretboard. Make sure your goals are achievable and fun. 

Set your Quotas

After you’ve clearly defined your goals it’s time to break then down into manageable tasks, or quotas. You must set the minimum amount of work or number of tasks you should do every single day in order to achieve your goal. Make sure you’ve mastered one thing before moving to the next. 

Set up your Room Properly

You want to make sure your room is set up properly before starting your practice session. It’s important that you make your practice area a unique and inspiring space since you’ll be spending a lot of time here. Why not set up a good amplifier, music stand, a footstool, and an armless chair? How about having album covers or photos of your favorite guitar player on the walls of your room? Include anything you feel will aid your inspiration to practice more. 

Set a Regular Practice Time 

Of course, there are things you need to attend to during the day. You should, therefore, set a regular time for practice based on your schedule. Be sure to stick to your practice time. It’s all about honoring your commitment. AT some point, your guitar practice will become part of your daily routine. It will even feel weird if you skip a day without practicing. 

Going Slow is the Key to Success

Don’t be too hard on yourself when practicing. Go slow on your practice, always double checking that everything you’re doing is right. That’s how your hands will remember the subtle details you’re telling them. Since you’ve designated an area or room as your guitar practicing zone it’s important that you let your roommates or family members know so they won’t interfere during your practice session.

Use a Diary to Monitor your Progress

There’s no better way to monitor your progress than to use a diary. Remember you have specific goals and you’ve set quotas for your practice. A dairy can help you determine how much progress you’ve made and what you’ve achieved. Write down the specific goal you’re working on and the practice you did every single day to enable you achieve this goal. You can also write down some of the things you think still need work. Your focus should be to evaluate your own guitar progress. 

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