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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Security Camera System

May 6, 2020

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve been thinking about buying a video surveillance system (also known as CCTV). Here are some reasons why it may be a good time to buy that video security camera system.

1. Cheap Security Cameras and CCTV DVRs – Video surveillance technology is constantly changing with new products constantly emerging. Manufacturing of CCTV cameras has become very widespread with many factories competing for business. The CCD sensor (the eye of the security camera) is a big part of the cost to manufacture a security camera, and over the years the price of the sensors has been greatly reduced. This means that the conventional analog security cameras are way down in price and there are many good security cameras available for $100 or less. For the small business owner or home owner this means that good quality video surveillance systems are within budget. Also, prices for CCTV digital video recorders (DVR) have been reduced greatly over the years increasing the affordability of these units.

2. Video Surveillance Provides Evidence – Budget cutbacks to police departments everywhere, mean reduced resources to respond to and investigate crimes. What this means for the homeowner or small business owner is greater emphasis on the use of security cameras to assist police. For example, if you report a break-in at your store but you don’t have any video surveillance to show to the police, they may be less likely to follow up with an investigation because of cuts to the budget. Security camera footage can provide that critical piece of evidence that will encourage the police to put resources into an investigation. Most police departments will be appreciative of the fact that you took the time and money to install a security camera system, and they’ll be more likely to investigate if there is good video surveillance footage to help them solve the crime.

3. CCTV = Neighborhood Watch Program on Steroids – Do you have a neighborhood crime watch program where you live? If so, video surveillance systems can help greatly in monitoring suspicious activity and criminal activity. Having one or two houses on the street equipped with CCTV camera systems can greatly enhance the effectiviness of a neighborhood block watch. Security camera systems can monitor an area 24 hours a day and record what goes during the day and night. The video surveillance footage can also be quickly scanned (since the video is digital) to search for activity. This provides an excellent intelligence gathering tool that can help your neighborhood watch program and assist the police department in the deployment of patrols for maximum effectiveness.

4. Watch Security Cameras on the Internet or Smartphones

How would you like to be able to watch your house or business from just about anywhere in the world? Many security cameras system DVRs come with client/server software that allow remote viewing of security cameras over the internet (IP remote viewing). There are even cameras that can be viewed remotely with the use of smartphone apps such as iCam which can be downloaded to the iPhone that allow security cameras to be viewed anywhere you have access to video networks on your phone! As high speed data transmission networks become more developed these types of applications will become more commonplace. When buying a security camera system, ask your dealer about the remote viewing capabilities of the system and what the requirements are for optimum performance. There are some companies that will install security cameras and provide remote viewing over a network for a small monthly fee.

5. Loss Prevention – It’s a simple concept, for business owners a security camera system can reduce the chances of theft, and provide evidence to prosecute crimes. CCTV video can help reduce or prevent losses to a business.

6. Peace of Mind – Although it can sometimes be shocking to view crimes caught on video surveillance, security cameras can provide peace of mind by allowing you to monitor events in real time, gather evidence for prosecution of crime, prevent loss, and provide an intelligence gathering tool about what’s really going on when you’re not watching.

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